South East Consortium for Special Education                                       Special Education Local Plan Area

Support Services

Support services provided by the SELPA Office include:

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

As required by law, the CAC is a group of parents, educators and agency representatives who advise the SELPA in the development, review, and implementation of its local plan for special education.  The SELPA provides technical assistance, resources and staff to support the activities of the CAC.  The CAC meeting schedule can be obtained by contacting the SELPA office.

Fiscal Management:  Special Education Funding

The SELPA is responsible for the management, distribution, and accounting of funds which are allocated to the districts of the SE SELPA.  The SELPA coordinates the ongoing review of the SELPA’s Funding Allocation Plan.

Information Dissemination

The SELPA provides information to educators and parents pertaining to special education services, programs, and resources.  The following information is available at the SELPA office:

  • School District Contact Directory
  • Complaint Procedures
  • Special Education Programs within the SELPA
  • Parent Rights Information
  • Community Agencies and Support Groups: Directory and Information
  • SELPA Local Plan and Policies

Professional Development and Parent Education
Professional development for special education teachers, administrators,  paraeducators, and support staff is provided throughout the calendar year.  Please refer to the Professional Development tab for more information. 

The SELPA is responsible for monitoring the Local Plan to verify that member districts are complying with their legal responsibilities to ensure program compliance and quality.  

Special Education Local Plan and Policies Development

The SELPA coordinates the development and implementation of the Local Plan and policies relating to the provision of special education services within the South East Santa Clara County in the 11 district consortium members and the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

South East SELPA Program Administrator Observation Request Form

South East SELPA Program Administrator Support Request Form

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