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Staff Development

The South East Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is pleased to announce its 2018-19 training program for staff. This selection of professional development opportunities reflect the results of needs assessments and workshop evaluations completed by Special Education teachers, assistants, specialists, parents, and administrators.

These professional development opportunities are created to provide quality, “in-house” trainings that coincide with the districts’ calendar in order to train staff at a convenient time and limit expenditure of resources.

Trainings are also available to staff from non-member districts. Any cost associated with trainings are indicated in the registration.

Once South East SELPA has accepted your registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Should changes in training schedule occur, you will receive an email notification for any training you are enrolled in.
Please note there are NO phone registrations, unless otherwise specified.

For more information or questions please contact (408) 223-3775. If there is a training topic that you would like SELPA to research for future trainings, please contact your special education director and the request will be made to the SELPA.

For a complete calendar of available trainings and registration please visit:

2018-2019 Fall Professional Development Catalog *coming soon*

August 2018
8/28/18 TCI Recertification
September 2018
Date Training
9/7/18 Using SEIS to Write IEPs 
9/11/18 Productive IEP Meetings: Working Together as a Team
9/12/18 For Parents! Productive IEP Meetings: Working Together as a Team
9/17/18 The Ins and Outs of the Special Circumstance Individual Assistance Resource Guide
9/18/18 The Impact of Trauma at School: Better Understanding, Recognition, Assessment, and Support for Students w/ Trauma-related Challenges *JOINT TRAINING*
9/24/18 Special Education Boot Camp for Administrators: AM Session
9/24/18 Special Education Boot Camp for Administrators: PM Session
9/25/18 Don't Suspend Me! 
9/27/18 Transition Essentials
9/27/18 Bridging the Gap: Planning for Effective Collaboration from Part C to Part B *JOINT TRAINING*
October 2018  
Date Training
10/2-10/3 TCI De-escalation only Certification 
10/2/18 English Language Learners Series *JOINT TRAINING*
10/4/18 Teaching English Learners and Students with Learning Difficulties in the Inclusive Classroom
10/10/18 Interventions and Strategies for Students with Dyslexia 
10/11/18 Explicit Direct Instruction
10/16/18 Manifestation Determinations, Discipline for Special Education Students/Alternatives To Suspension, and Creating a Culturally Competent Discipline Process
10/17/18 Interventions and Strategies for Students with Dyslexia
10/18/18 Supporting Inclusive Strategies: Susan Hentz on Co-Teaching
10/29-11/2 TCI De-escalation and Physical Restraint Certification
10/30/18 Literacy Instruction in the Age of MTSS *JOINT TRAINING*
November 2018
Date Training
11/6/18 PENTAIN
11/8/18 Creating a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment: Universal Tier-One Classroom Supports for the Mental Health Wellness of all Students *JOINT TRAINING*
11/29/18 Making Social Regulation Stick: Practical Strategies and Tools to Build Social and Emotional Competence
December 2018
Date Training

12/19/18 Series Session 1: Completing a Functional Behavior Assessment to Determine Effective Interventions for Problem Behavior (Data Collection for Analysis) *JOINT TRAINING*
January 2019  
Date Training
1/9/19 PENTAIN
1/8/19  SPED "Alternative" Curriculum Showcase
1/15/19 TCI Recertification


February 2019  
Date Training
2/5-2/6 TCI De-escalation only Certification 
2/5/19 Series Session 2: Completing a Functional Behavior Assessment to Determine Effective Interventions for Problem Behavior (Determining the Function)  *JOINT TRAINING*
2/13/19 Methods of Implementing Targeted, Tier-Two Supports for Students Struggling w/ Mental Health Challenges in the Classroom *JOINT TRAINING*
March 2019  
Date Training
3/5/19 PENTAIN
3/19/19 How to Design a Day of Effective Direct Instruction for Students w/ Significant Learning Needs *JOINT TRAINING*
3/20/19 Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses
3/28/19 Series Session 3: Completing a Functional Behavior Assessment to Determine Effective Interventions for Problem Behavior (Designing Function-Driven Replacement Behaviors and Putting it All Together) *JOINT TRAINING*
April 2019  
Date Training

May 2019  
Date  Training
 5/6-5-9  TCI De-escalation and Physical Restraint Certification

Trainings will begin promptly at the times indicated. Please prepare to arrive 15 minutes before the start time to sign in, pick up materials, find seating, and enjoy refreshments. We request that all cell phones be silenced or turned off for the duration of the training, and that private conversations are kept to a minimum

Other Training Opportunities

June 2018
Date  Training
6/22  Early Math Symposium 
 July 2018  
Date  Training
 Aug 2018  
Date  Training
8/3  Early Childhood PBIS Summer Symposium
Sept 2018  
Date Training
9/7-9/8  Infant Development Conference
9/10  Introducing the Part C Dispute Resolution Family Guides
9/12  QPR Institute
9/12  The Road to Success for Your Student with Down Syndrome
9/15  ABA IN ACTION: A Full Day of Workshops with Dr. Linda LeBlanc
9/15  Cutting Edge Strategies for Developing Executive Functions Skills
9/24  PBIS - Pre-Conference
9/25  Residential Treatment Center Vendor Fair & Free CEU Event
9/25-9/26  PBIS - General Conference
9/28  Gang Training Workshop
Oct 2018
Date  Training
 Raising the Bar: CCS & Continuous Quality Improvement
10/10  Trauma Informed Schools Summit
10/10-10/12  Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST )
10/12-10/13  Teachers Connecting Through California CEC: You're Not Alone!
 Dialectical Behavior Therapy Intensive Training: Part 1
10/23  7th Annual Network Meeting & RTC Vendor Fair
10/30  2018 Special Education Legal Consortium: CENTRAL CA 
Nov 2018
 Date  Training
 11/1  2018 Orange County Counselor Symposium
 11/5  2018 Special Education Legal Consortium: SOUTHERN CA
 11/9  2018 Special Education Legal Consortium: NORTHERN CA
 11/9 Early Childhood PBIS (EC101) - Foundations of Building Relationships & Creating  Supportive Environments
 11/8-11/10 CASE Annual Conference 2018 - Navigating the Seas of Change: Today's Vision,     Tomorrows Reality
 11/15  Dyslexia Summit
Feb 2019  
Date Training
2/8-2/9  CARS plus Convention
March 2019  
Date  Training
 2019 National School Counseling Leadership Conference
 3/6  High School PBIS Symposium 2019
 May 2019
 Date  Training
 5/6-5/10  Dialectical Behavior Therapy Intensive Training: Part 2

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