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Low Incidence

SELPA Low Incidence Updates
Changes on Funding Allocation
  • SELPA Low Incidence (LI) funds continue to be maintained at the SELPA. SELPA allocates LI funds per district based on the number of students with LI disabilities from each district.
  • SELPA LI funds includes both funds for equipment and services. Districts can use allocated SELPA LI funds for equipment or service.
  • SELPA will continue to track LI equipment. Districts will continue to submit LI equipment requests to the SELPA Executive Director for review, approval and ordering.
  • District will submit documentation for LI service before getting reimbursed by the SELPA.
  • SELPA will track LI funds and update districts on a quarterly basis. Districts can only spend no more than the allocated amount. If district is requesting material that cost more than allocated, district will order the equipment and will belong to the district.  LI materials and equipment ordered by the SELPA belong to the SELPA and can reassigned to another student.
  • Districts allowed to carry-over unspent LI funds.

 For more information about LI funds, please contact


Through a special State fund, the SELPA is provided limited funds each year for specialized equipment,  for eligible low incidence pupils. The funds are provided based on the low incidence pupil count on December 1 each year. Students whose primary or secondary disability is hard of hearing, deaf, deaf/blind, visually impaired, or orthopedic impairment are eligible for low incidence equipment and services and generate low incidence funding.

When requesting Low Incidence equipment and materials, please make sure the following items are submitted in order to begin the review process:

1. Low Incidence Requisition Form thoroughly filled out with Vendor information, price, and model/part number. Incomplete requests will be returned. The form must be signed by the Special Education Director.

2. Current report from an appropriate and qualified professional with specific recommendations pertaining to the need for low incidence equipment based on the student need (i.e. Audiologist, Vision Specialist, ACC Specialist, Physical Therapist, etc.)

3. Student’s current IEP which should include:
   >Form 1 indicating the Low Incidence disability
   >Form 4 with current goal/s that link to the need for low incidence equipment and materials
   >Form 6 Signature page
   >Form 7 Notes page (as appropriate)

Please send all documents to or fax them to 408-532-9311

Note: The submission of all documents does not guarantee approval. The SELPA Director will review the request. The District Special Education Director will be contacted for denied requests. Approved requests will be processed and purchased following Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District’s (MPESD) procedures.

Low Incidence Documents


Fillable Form: This form cannot be saved, please print to obtain the appropriate signature and submit the signed form and necessary documents to

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