South East Consortium for Special Education                                       Special Education Local Plan Area

Budget & Service Plans 

Annual Budget Allocation Plan 2017-18

          2017-18 Budget Allocation Plan (COMPLETE COPY)
  • Appendix A: Memorandum of Understanding
  • Appendix B: Calculation of Apportionment Distribution
  • Appendix C: IDEA Part B Federal Grants
  • Appendix D: Calculation of COE Special Education Program Costs
  • Appendix E: Santa Clara COE Housing Policy and Calculations
  • Appendix F: Out-of-Home Care Funding
  • Appendix G: Maintenance of Effort SELPA Policy
  • Appendix H: Parentally Placed Students in Private Schools
  • Appendix I:  Inter-district Transfer Agency Agreement Forms for Special Education
  • Appendix J:  Low Incidence Service/Equipment SELPA Policy
  • Appendix K: South East SELPA AU Budget
  • Appendix L:  Mental Health Guidance and Funding
  • Appendix M: Excess Cost Calculation
  • Appendix N: MOU SCCOE and Districts for Funding Under LCFF 

    2017-18  Annual Service Delivery Plan
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