South East Consortium for Special Education                                       Special Education Local Plan Area

Behavior Support

Helen Huynh the South East SELPA Program Specialist for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Needs. Helen assists staff by providing direct support in the areas of mental health and positive behavior strategies and interventions. Support in this domain include evidence-based practices in the areas of classroom environment, classroom management/positive behavioral supports, and accommodations that are legal and ethical for the purposes of establishing a safe and predictable environment for students to access their academic and social benefit.  

As a Program Specialist for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Needs, Helen may assist in the following capacity: (1) Consult and assist resource specialists, designated instruction and services instructors, and special education class teachers in the area of mental health and behavior accommodations and best practices; (2) Provide trainings in the area of classroom and behavior management systems for parents and staff; (3) Plan programs, coordinate curricular resources, and evaluate effectiveness of programs for individuals with exceptional needs; (4) Participate in school site staff development; (5) Assuring that pupils have full educational opportunity.

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